Game Information

Cornet is the evil King(but she is a girl) who used to rule the world. She became a little kid after losing her powers, but still conspiring to destruct the Seal Stones over and over. As the ex-evil king, Cornet has resistance to fire, thunder, and ice energy. (Cecilia and Daisy do the best damage to Cornet) By the way, the giant eyeball she rides on used to be able to fly long ago...


Cornet was 29 before she got turned into a little kid. She can be a bit of a crybaby and often gets teased for it. Her only friends seem to be animals, besides Hecate and Luna. According to Chloe Chromeary 's (DeviantART) drawing, Cornet dresses in kid clothes because of her size and appearance.

Additionally, according to official 4-koma in NEWGATE's webpage, Cornet seems to like donuts as we see her eat ones brought by Cecilia.

Other information

Cornet only appear in stage 5 and stage 10 in all world. For stage 5, She will come in wave 10 and 20. For stage 10, she will come in wave 15, 20 and 25.

If she hit SealStone, HP will minus 5 point. But if she gone, you get 200 MP.


1st appearance: "Give me back my power!"

2nd appearance: "Don't prevent me!"

3rd appearance: "Nobody can stop me!"

3/4 health remaining: "Nyaa!!"

1/2 health remaining: "Ouch!"

1/4 health remaining: "Owww!"

1st defeat: "*sigh*... I won't lose next!"

2nd defeat: "Don't think you've won!"

3rd defeat: "I'm not coming here ever again!"