Game information

Commands the flames of hell, burning everything with a touch of nobility. The current queen and Tiana's mother. Also known as Rose Queen, an especially dignified monarch in a long line of lofty queen.


Flare is probably mature being a mother, because she is Tiana's mom.

Other information

Summon detail : You can summon her after you lose, game will ask for summon her. Using 200 crystals or 1 Flare ticket.

Magic detail : Her picture will appear at right arm side of screen then all enemies will be destroyed! HP will become 1.

Attack : --

Speed : --

Range : --

Ability : --

Element : Fire

Best Damage : --, -- and --


When using speical attack: Flames of Hell, Obey my commands!

(Note : in version 4.0's help menu, on Flare page, her quote will be the previous witch quote you open.