Blue hair Lili red hair lala are little witch twins.They work together to summon a guardian

Game Information

Blue hair Lili and red hair Lala, they are little witch twins. They work together in order to summon a guardian.


Lili looks like she likes to have a lot of fun, on the other hand lala looks like she rather sit around be lazy. Also, Lili might be older because she says everything first.

Other Information

MP request to summon: 360.

MP request to upgrade: 360(First), 540(Second), 900(Max).

MP get when release: 000(Level 1), 000(Level 2), 000(Level 3), 000(Level 4).

Magic detail

Name: Summons a Guardian

Ability : Summon guardian in a way to rid all foes that hit it, however, it has limit HP to get hit(but will refill when wave end). After The guardian dies, Lili&Lala will be release.

Attack : --

Speed : --

Range : --

Ability : --

Element : --

Best Damage : Cornet, -- and --


Summon: Lili: "I'm Lili!" Lala: "I'm Lala!"

Upgrade: Both: "Transform! Good!"

Unselect Lili: "I'm Lili!"

Unselect Lala: "I'm Lala!"

Release: "Oh! We wanna play!"

Stage Clear: Both: "Justice prevails!" Lili: "Yay!" Lala: "Yeah!"

???: Both: "Huh? What is it?"