Game Information

Luna is a long-life spirit that you can summon with a magical ancient contract. She doesn't fight but supplies your MP from the earth.


Luna is rather easygoing and never freaks, but she can be serious when she has to be.

Other information

MP request to summon : 480. 

MP request to upgrade : 480(First), 720(Second), 1200(Max).

MP get when release : 384(Level 1), 768(Level 2), 1344(Level 3), 2304(Level 4).

MP that she makes : 10(First), 20(Second), 30(Third), 45(Most).

Magic detail

Name: The Prayer of Spirit

Attack : --

Speed : --

Range : --

Ability : Supplies Your MP

Element : --

Best Damage : --


Summon: "You rang?"

Upgrade: "Such... power..."

Unselect: *Hums a tune*

Release: "Nighty-night!"

Stage Clear: "All done?"


  • Only one Luna can be summoned in one game. This is probably to balance out the game.
  • She initially had no quotes when the game was first released. She is now given a voice in version 4.0.0 of the game.