Witches are the unit that you can summon to protect the SealStone from enemy attacks.

You have to use MP to summon a witch.

There are two types of witches: the Normal witches the Exclusive witches.

Normal Witches

Normal Witches are witches that are unlocked as you advance in the game. They cost no crystal, but you have the option to pay 4400 crystals to unlock each witch if you have not already.

Daisy - "Speed star". Unlock in World 1 Stage 1

Becky - "Long Range". Unlock in World 1 Stage 3

Chloe - "Any direction". Unlock in World 1 Stage 6

Nicola - "Slow". Unlock in World 2 Stage 1

Chiara - "Anti - air". Unlock in World 2 Stage 6

Cecilia - "Striker". Unlock in World 4 Stage 1

Bianca - "Penetration". Unlock in World 5 Stage 1

Lillian - "Great Striker". Unlock in World 6 Stage 1

Luna - "MP supplier". Unlock in World 6 Stage 6

Iris - "Anti-Air & Ground". Unlock in world 7 Stage 1

Lyra - "Anti Air striker". Unlock in World 8 Stage 1

Exclusive Witches

Exclusive Witches are witches that you must pay crystals to unlock. Each costs a number of crystals to unlock.

Tiana - "Explosion" (Price= 580 Crystals)

Sarah - "Enhancement buff" (Price= 580 Crystals)

Lili&Lala - "Guardian" (Price= 580 Crystals)

Kala - "Time and space" (Price= 580 Crystals)

Amber - "One shot, one kill" (Price= 800 Crystals)

Nina - "Smash!" (Price= 800 Crystals)

Jill - "Dead Sleep" (Price= 800 Crystals)

Yuiko - "Shrine Maiden" (Price= 800 Crystals)

Belle - "Evangelical" (Price= 800 Crystals)

Yung - "Striker & Stun" (Price= 900 Crystals) Includes 3 Orbs and 50 000 EXP



Flare's information in help of game

 See more Flare

She is only one that you have to use a ticket for "summoning". Otherwise, she costs 200 Crystals when the SealStone is too damaged.


  • All of the witches' quotes can be listened at help menu too. By selecting a witch and tapping on the picture, a quote will randomly show.
  • At the title screen, if you tap and hold down the Newgate logo or the title of the game, you will hear Daisy say "Newgate" and "Defense witches", respectively.
  • Belle is the only witch that's description seems to be written in her perspective as it says, "I-I sing... for the joy of all."

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